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Puppies are Here July 31, 2020! 
Our 7 Deadly Sins Litter
Dam: Chapps Esperanza aka Razz  
Sire: 7 Acre's Judge and Jury

We have 7 beautiful puppies. 2 girls, 5 males.  We have started our Pick hold waiting list...

Female #1 - Breeder Pick

Female #2 - Available

Male #1 - Breeder Pick

Male #2 - Luczak Family

Male #3 - On Hold

Male #4 - Available

Male #5 - Available 

Meliodas - Male

Docked Tail

Escanor - Male

Docked Tail

Diane (dee-an) - Female

Full Pump Tail

Gowther - Male

Docked Tail

Merlin - Female

Full Pump Tail

Ban - Male

Full Pump tail

King - Male

Full pump tail

 Application Questionnaire

We do things differently here at Timpanogos Bulldogges.  While most kennels including myself in the past allowed you to choose a pup the moment you saw something you liked.  I now do a temperament test at 7 weeks in order to place the puppies in the right homes according to temperament and not just looks.  You do not want a high energy dog if you are low energy, and visa versa.  Same goes for a dominant dog if you don't have the time to do the extra training to assert your alpha role.  The puppies best interest is my goals.  While I will take a dog back for any reason, I want them to stay with you no matter what!  And pairing them with the right family dynamic, gives them the best chance for that.  And Makes you have a companion for life!  The following paragraphs will explain more why I do this and what I need from you...

Temperament tests done by a certified trainer

Adopting a dog is a decision that should be made with care and deliberation. A dog is not a toy or a clothing accessory; it's a living creature. The decision to adopt a dog should be treated with the same careful attention that you would use if you were deciding where to live, to have children, or whether or not to get married.

Too often, people adopt a dog because it is "cute" or "fashionable" rather than based on the merits of its behavior and energy levels. In these situations, the dog may be returned to the dog rescues, shelter, kennel, or breeder, and each return is a black mark on that dog's record. It suggests that the dog is un-adoptable, and the more often a dog is returned, the more likely it is to eventually be euthanized.


Evaluate Your Own Energy Level

When selecting a new dog, it is vitally important to take into account how that dog?s energy will harmonize with your own. The most important step is to take some time for self-reflection and to identify what your own energy levels are. Do you wake up early every morning, pound a power bar and a health shake, and go for a run in the mountains? Or do you take life at a more leisurely pace? When energy levels conflict, resulting frustrations on the part of both human and dog can create tensions and issues with dramatic repercussions, so take into account how your energy will affect your decision.

Dog Breeds and Energy

Once you?ve identified your own energy levels, begin your research on dog breeds and their energy levels. Remember, dog breeds don?t necessarily dictate its personality, but some dog breeds are known for having a certain energy or disposition. Once you?ve done your breed research, you can begin your search for a dog with a few ideas in mind. It never hurts to be prepared.



Puppies bred here at Timpanogos get a healthy start in life.  We do our very best in selecting parents who are healthy both physically and mentally.  During the first 18-24 months of life, any dog we selected to join our program gets health testing, hip x-rays, and general health screenings.  We also watch their growth and general appearance as well to select and pair dogs that compliment each other.  Even outside breedings are scrutinized and even rejected at times if we think the other dog does not live up to our standards.

When pups are born, they are handled from day one. As soon as they are old enough for solids, simple training is started.  Potty training(We start on paper, then later a dog door), as well as feeding time routine and etiquette.  At 7 weeks of age we start leash training so your pup comes home with a solid foundation for you to build upon.

We do not Remove Dew claws here at Timpanogos Bulldogges.  We also keep the preferred pump handle tails of the OEB standard.  Only pups with Kinked tails are ever Docked(this is done in the first few days of life.).   


Ask for our contract agreement to be e-mailed to you


"They say you can't buy happiness, but I have bought it on many occasions along with unwavering love and loyalty. The cost of owning a dog is expensive, but the love, comfort, loyalty and friendship they provide is priceless."


Payment information:

99% of my pups go on spay/neuter Pet contracts.  I don't sell breeding rights to just anyone.  If you are looking to breed you need to tell me your plan and why you want to breed.  

$1500 For limited Registration/Pet only

$1800 for full breeding rights

Discounts available to Military, Police, and Fire personnel.

$500 non-refundable Holding fee is required to reserve a selection place.

Please do not send your deposit until you have filled out our puppy questionnaire and have been approved.

Shipping available(Continental US and Canada only). Not included in puppy pricing.

We can deliver your pup with in a certain distance ourselves with minimal fees.

For further delivery we use Air and ground Transport for shipping within the continental US,

We accept cash, USPS money orders.

Local Personal Checks will be accepted, but payment must clear the bank before pup goes home with you.

Full payment must be made before 7 weeks of age when picks are made.  If you have not made your full payment by the time it is your turn to pick, you forfeit your spot and moved to the back of the line.  You can pick only when it has been paid in full.  If full payment is not made by time of pick up, all money paid will be returned minus your hold fee of $500.

Friend Breeders.  Please contact them for more details.... 




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