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Co - Own Foster Program

How the program works.

We place our “pick of the litter” female or male at nine to ten weeks old in a foster home. The dogs stay in these homes for their entire lives provided our fostering rules are being followed- which are quite reasonable. This program allows people an opportunity to have one of the best dogs in our breeding program!

When a foster puppy grows up, he/she may be used in our breeding program if he/she is good enough. If your dog is just not good enough to be bred (too small, too large, bad bite, conformation flaw such as high rear, wry jaw, eye problems, etc), you will have him/her spayed/neutered and upon proof of spay/neuter you will be given full ownership of the dog. Which is a pretty good deal, considering you have the pick of the litter pup!

If it is a female and she IS good enough, we will have her bred to a great male of our choosing, at our cost, which could mean she leaves you for a week or so for the breeding. She remains with you until about 1 week before she is due to have the pups, then she comes and lives with us until the pups are weaned at about 8 weeks. Then, she goes back to you. After we have finished using her in our breeding program (after she’s had up to 3 litters) she will be spayed at your cost and you will then get full ownership of the dog. Olde English Bulldogges can live up to 10-14+ years of age.

A female will come into season about every 6-9 months but we do not breed her every season. This is a way for us to keep the BEST puppies from each litter, and then only breed the best of the best.

The advantage for the female is that when she is no longer in our breeding program, she does not need to be placed in a new home at an age when it would be more difficult for her – she is already home!

When a female is at our home we encourage visits from the foster parents once pups are 6 weeks old. They can stop by as often as they want and walk their dog and play with the pups when the pups are old enough. We also encourage visits prior to her being bred so she can be properly evaluated and is familiar with our home and our dogs, and is content and happy here when she is bred and comes to have her puppies.

In the case of a male who is fostered, everything above, regarding safety and care applies, but he only needs to come to our home when he is going to be used at stud. He must be kept intact, un-neutered, and when we would need to use him, he would come and stay with us for three to five days, then would be returned to you. We would constantly need to be aware of where he is, should you go on holidays, so we could pick him up if his services were required while you were gone. He is NEVER to be bred unless it is something WE choose to do, and if this were to happen, he would be removed from his foster home, and all pups are to be turned over to me, same goes for females. If after testing he is deemed not to be a suitable candidate for our breeding program, he would be neutered, at your expense and you would be given full ownership.

Who Qualifies for a Foster Dog?

We are very selective about whom we choose to become a foster family. Our primary concern is that our dogs go into safe, healthy homes where they will be well taken care of, Fully trained to become good citizens and not get run over by a car or allowed to escape and get lost, or be bred accidentally by a neighborhood dog.

We have very specific criteria we are looking for in our foster families. Families MUST be located within two hours of our home. They must have some previous dog experience, preferably being familiar with training and care of bulldogges, or other strong willed breed.

We will do a home check and ask many questions about the care our puppy/dog is going to receive. If you have another dog it is still possible to foster. If your dog is good with other dogs and has been sexually altered, this is possible


But what if you want to keep a pup from a litter? 

If this is your dogs last litter and she is due to be spayed, we will consider letting you keep a puppy from the last litter, either as a foster or as a pet only at 50% of usual cost.

What are the Foster Family’s Responsibilities?

You are not paying the same price as regular buyers, Only $300, but you still have to take TOP NOTCH care of it, and more so than regular buyers.  This means vet care, flea treatments, worming, vaccinations, grooming, obedience and social training, love, spoiling, good food, etc.

Dogs are expected to be crate trained, as this keeps homes and dogs safe from accidents and harm.

For females you are required to keep her safe from being bred at all times.  You are required to inform us of all heats, so we can keep track. if for any reason we are not told of a heat the buyer will be fined the cost of a litter(6 pups) or the female removed from the home. We have full breeding rights. We can breed when we want. The foster parents signs a breeding lease agreement so are registered as Timpanogos Bulldogges/Aleisa Fugal as Being the breeder. Should the people spay the dog or refuse to allow us to breed the dog they agree to pay for two litters of 6 pups at $1,800.00 each. If you do the math you see that there is a considerable penalty if they choose to disregard our agreement - this has never happened though. If a person is interested in breeding then this is not a program for them. They should purchase a dog and get into the business of breeding themselves.

When people ask if I split the litters with foster parents, the answer is usually "no." The only way I will ever consider splitting a litter with a foster parent is if the person puts a working title on the dog. That is a rule that is cast in stone.

At no time will the foster family be allowed to whelp a litter at their home.

The Good Points...

You get the best Timp Bullz has to offer as long as the dog is well taken care of. This will mean the most stable, most friendly, most even tempered dog in the litter and hopefully the one who is most beautiful.

If he/she develops well and meets our criteria for breeding, he/she will be fully health tested, at our expense. When the results are in, and it is determined he/she is worthy of being bred, you are then assured of having an extremely healthy boy/girl to love.

The Bad Points:

If its a girl you have to deal with heat cycles. Heat cycles are very similar to human female’s periods, except they only go into heat every 6 to 9 months. As well you MUST keep close watch on our girl during her heat cycle to ensure she isn’t bred by a dog who “jumps the fence” – If this were to happen we would remove this girl!  No walks at this time as well.

Your baby girl will have to leave you for about 8-10 weeks each year for up to three years. While males may be gone a few days at a time when being studded out.  Of course, the dog will be totally spoiled when here, kept as a house dog, not a kennel dog, but still… there will be an absence from your life.

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